Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fabric book covers from Craftsy

Fabric book cover
 This is going to be my next project:) Plus I just had a request for our own cushions to be covered with blue fluffy fabrics. I am going to be veeery busy! yeah:)

The Diary of the Mad Quilter - part !

This is it! The entry form is in the Gallery, now the time comes for actual work:)
      What needs to be done:
*choose the size
*draw the project
*choose fabrics
*compose the whole
*stitch together
*back with fabric and label
*deliver to the gallery
*hope they will accept it for display
Well, let's get it started! :)
I hope those entries will keep me going and I will be able to complete this task.
Keep your fingers crossed:) x

Fife Art Exhibition press release link

Saturday, 27 August 2011

good-bye present for a very special person

A great person was leaving our team and she needed a special good-bye present. As we cannot use kids' images to anything I came up with another idea:) And there is the result:)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Tea Set- wedding present

It's finally finished- the wedding present for my old friend- the Tea Set. Tea cosy with special embroidery, two mug hugs and two mug rugs. Hope they like it:)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

art&craft library

Wooho! I seem to be very active today!;P
Back to the topic:)
For some tame I was looking for books on sewing, crafts, quilting etc. and was slightly terrified when checking the prices. As I am fairly new "in the business" I thought I cannot effort buying books without checking if there are of any use for me. Then I discovered that my libraries have vast amounts of great books on topics I am interested in. I have to say I enjoy collecting new ones every week, writing down ideas in my own sewing scrapbook and if the book is useful- ordering one for myself. Soon I am going to publish the titles I found very interesting- my own reference library:)
Back to sewing!
Have a lovely day:)

where to find materials for your work?

What I am going to write now isn't probably any news for most of the crafters, but from the beginning of FuFiFu (that's the shorter version of Funky Frilly Furry;)) I was wondering where on Earth I am going to stock up without the fear of bankruptcy. Then one day when I was clearing out my wardrobe I found plenty of good quality dresses, tops, scarves and other fabrics that I won't either wear nor sell as they are scarred in some way and they are too good quality to throw away. What could go to charity shops already is there so why not have a great window panel from a slightly ripped rushed skirt? Or a tea cosy from a size 4 polka dot dress no one wants to even try on? Does it sound like my own definition of upcycling? ;)

patchworkdelights: A productive bank holiday

patchworkdelights: A productive bank holiday: "We had visitors today and ok I may have been a bit rude, but after dinner I went upstairs to finish quilting a mug rug. It is a custom orde..."

Razzle Dazzle Quilter: Mug Rug Tutorial

Razzle Dazzle Quilter: Mug Rug Tutorial: "Here it is at last! WARNING!! These rugs are like potato chips – one is not enough. Fabric requirements: 6 ½ ″ by 9 ½ ″ piece of battin..."

I love this! How about creating a set: Tea cosy, mug hugs and mug rugs? Think that my friend Magda who ordered a cosy might have a bonus:)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

fifedirect - - Have you got the Art Factor?

I have just looked at the date and relized OMG! the time is running and the project is far far away from being ok! AAAA!
fifedirect - - Have you got the Art Factor?