Saturday, 6 August 2011

where to find materials for your work?

What I am going to write now isn't probably any news for most of the crafters, but from the beginning of FuFiFu (that's the shorter version of Funky Frilly Furry;)) I was wondering where on Earth I am going to stock up without the fear of bankruptcy. Then one day when I was clearing out my wardrobe I found plenty of good quality dresses, tops, scarves and other fabrics that I won't either wear nor sell as they are scarred in some way and they are too good quality to throw away. What could go to charity shops already is there so why not have a great window panel from a slightly ripped rushed skirt? Or a tea cosy from a size 4 polka dot dress no one wants to even try on? Does it sound like my own definition of upcycling? ;)

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